Almost a decade ago, I wrote in a hokey personal journal entry that “I want to live among dreams that would just as soon crush me as let me touch them.” I couldn’t nail down exactly what that’s come to mean to me, but I like to think it involves living a little recklessly in the right ways.

To be totally candid, I’m proud of the things I’ve done in the past few years. I’ve discovered reasons to be excited about the world and my place in it. I’ve met wonderful and inspiring people, and sometimes I’ve had the privilege of introducing them to one another and to new ideas.

I’ve always been a decent connector, but I’ve never been that great a communicator. I tend to barge in, make boisterous introductions, and do some work, but leave very few footprints. This blog will be a valiant attempt to get better at leaving tracks in the intellectual spaces where I’ve been.

So while I don’t think I can claim to have invented these myself, I’m going to lay out two rules for my future:

  1. Do good things, and
  2. Talk about them.